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What Others Say About Us

Medical Waste

"Bob Spurgin is one of the country's foremost waste experts."

-- Kathy Wagner Hill,
Senior Director, Center for the
Study of American Government,
Johns Hopkins University

"Without question he is the most knowledgable person I know and have ever known when it comes to regulated medical waste"

-- Jewel Sikes,
President & CEO,
Premier Waste Services


"I highly recommend Bob for any companies needing assistance with shepherding a product or service through governmental regulatory process"

-- Carl Schroeder,


"Bob Spurgin is a terrific environmental analyst, consensus builder and entrepreneur."

-- Wiley Barbour,
Former Executive Director,
Environmental Resources Trust

"His advocacy skills are top notch. I would highly recommend him as an environmental consultant."

-- Maureen Miksztal,
Senior Regulatory Specialist,
Dow Chemical Company

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